projects Use Alexa to keep track of your dishwasher. (Python) - source code on github


RabbitSay Say (possibly mean) things with a cute rabbit. (Python) - source code on github


ControlC A podcast where myself and my good friend Jeff Uthaichai talk about tech, beer and more. Find us on iTunes or any other podcast client! (Logic Pro X) - site source code on github

Is My Train Fucked?

Is My Train Fucked A silly python site that scrapes the New York City MTA API and displays whether or not your train line is fucked. Hint: it probably is. (Python, AWS Lambda) - source code on github

The Wandering Photographers

The Wandering Photographers The Wandering Photographers is a photo blog started by myself, Emily Shearing, and Ted Rysz. As we found ourselves on different coasts after college, we decided to document our our wanderings. (HTML, CSS, jekyll)

What’s This Color

What's This Color This tiny (and silly) site lets you quickly see what a color looks like without loading an annoying color picker or launching Photoshop. (Python, Flask) - source code on github